Frankly, every guy out there gets those so-called butterflies, but that really only happens when deep down inside, you know she is just something special. In this case, as I said last time, most relationships begin with physical attraction. So what I did was take notice to everything about her. Detail is one of women’s best friends. So why not use that against her? Every setting has its appropriate wear, you just have to realize and take notice to it. But remember, don’t judge a book by its cover. Formulating an idea is the best you can do because you don’t know the whole story. The curiosity to know her story, if that is sincerely what you want to do, is what leads to the intriguing conversation. Take this girl for example. Full black and blue soft patterned dress, blue heels, hair straightened not curled, light makeup but not overdoing it, ring on her right ring-finger and on her phone reading whatever it is she is reading.

Now just from that I can tell a lot about her. The dress means that she does have a decent form of income and needs to look professional but not formal. The heels give her that extra formality that the dress lacks, which leads me to believe that she does a lot of sitting at work – mainly because I’m certain that no woman would wear heels if she is going to stand for 8 hours. Her hair straightened means that she wants to be relaxed but professional because if she had curled her hair it would tell me that she has something important going on or she is just looking for attention. A very important notice, generally, when a woman wears a ring on her right ring-finger it means that she is an independent woman and is very proud. So you know she is going to be straight with you.  Funny thing about it all is that all this could be completely wrong because there are fake women out there deceiving. But it’s better to have an idea than nothing at all because, if anything, you can laugh about it.

Just like with her. Turns out, after talking to her, she was actually a high powered executive of a semi-large company and was forced to take the day off. So she decided she would get out early as usual and roam the town. So we laughed about it and I even told her how I got to my conclusions and all we could do was laugh even harder. But that’s what made it so fun. We even joked about how I should call her the woman in the blue and black dress. Sure it was a little embarrassing but it doesn’t really matter. I used her as the muse of my inspiration of our conversation and she loved it. I mean deep down, what woman wouldn’t? Picture it. Every woman smiles when they are the center of attention of the person they're attracted to, especially when it’s mutual behavior. She even told me that she never would have expected to feel attracted to a guy who’s dressed like he is ready for a frat party. But, like I said, if the personality matches, the outfit it goes a long way. Use what you have AND MASTER IT!

So when I asked her for her number she smiled. I knew exactly what was coming. She is a independent woman and proud, just about the only thing I got right, she won’t easily give up control. She stares into my eyes and says “ I have an Idea. If your every bit a guy that you convinced me you are, we can do this instead. Two choices, I can give you my number but you can’t contact me for a week or I don’t give you my number but we meet at my location of choice tonight”. Now I’m not the type of guy that ever takes the safe route. I’m more of a risk taker, so I go with my instinct. I say “let’s meet tonight, but allow me to select the location”. After a slight pause she says “okay” and I tell her where we meet “right here, same table”. She smiles and gets up, looks at me and says “make sure you dress nice” and I responded with “I’ll surprise you” and just for my curiosity I asked “so how do I know you will show up?’. As she is walking away she says to me “you don’t”. She opens the door and looks at me and says “I guess you will just have to have faith”.

…To be concluded