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For many years, women have had a tendency to judge a man’s love based on certain gestures made towards them during the courting phase of a relationship. But once settled in, and comfortable in your union, these gestures may change, and some women may find themselves questioning if their husbands still love them just as much as they did when they proposed. What happens when the honeymoon phase is over? Why is my husband not making so much effort anymore? Is there something wrong?

Men are from Mars, ladies. We women of Venus are deep and passionate creatures, and sometimes we get lost in our dreams and tend to forget that while our Knight in Shining Armor may not come riding in on a stallion with his sword drawn, you can count on your husband to pull into the driveway in a shiny Camry with the toilet paper you didn’t even have to remind him to pick up after work. Now THAT’S love!

Sure, it doesn’t sound as appealing as a surprise carriage ride through Central Park, or even flowers, cards, and candy, but sometimes it’s the smaller gestures – like stopping at the store after a long day’s work- that usually go unnoticed and actually mean the most!  Actions speak louder than words, and Kate Motaung helps point out the top 8 ways your husband is silently showing his love in her article.

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