If the devil had his way, he would keep us all so busy and distracted, hurt and broken, that we would never have the time to help someone else in need. We would be too busy self-medicating our way through life. Hmmmmm, sounds like the way things are sometimes, but I’m here to help restore your hope. Don’t stay in a chapter of your life when the King of Kings has written the book! His word says that every day of your life was written out before you were born. That means you have a pretty good testimony to walk out if you let Him have His way.

As I was praying this morning, I saw a picture of a master builder taking every unique brick (each person in the body of Christ) and building a wall, a fortified city. The cement that was layered all around the bricks was representative of the love of God covering our cracks and flaws. His love is the very thing that holds us together, that heals and bonds our hearts to one another. He was placing each brick in its postion and fastening it to another by the bonds of love. All bricks were equally important, but no brick was made to stand alone. There are no lone bricks in the body of Christ. In fact, for us to walk in the full potential God created us to have, we would need and depend on each other to stand. Who are you standing with?

What a force to be reckoned with when the bricks formed a wall! In a place where God’s love breeds unity is a mighty fortress that does damage to the kingdom of darkness, not only individually, but corporately.

So I pray that this article inspires you to allow God’s only healing agent, His love, to cover the cracks and flaws of the broken pieces in your life.  That you gain a greater conviction of holding and helping someone else up that is in a broken season. That you are reminded that this walk was never to be done alone.

This love was never meant to be contained for just us. We were meant to receive, then pour out. Build each other up and come together for the greater good of the church. Don’t allow yourself to be the missing link in God’s design. There are to be no gaps in the wall. You are so important to God! Take your position, let others in, and link up with your brothers and sisters, because it is time to build! The only building that will remain in the end is that which is built for the Kingdom of God! You matter and you were designed to take your place.