The word of God tells us to walk by faith, not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7). There are times in our daily lives that this may not always be an easy to do. When we walk by sight, we are not trusting in God as much as we should, but instead are relying on our own strength and focusing on the circumstances we can see.

Why is this verse so vital to us as believers? In our ever-changing world of constant pressure that we live in, we can can find it so easy to want to take control over every aspect of our lives ,and when our plans or thoughts are not aligned with God’s, we can begin to doubt and wonder whether God is actually working in our situation. When we are facing difficult times, it’s important we remember that although we may not be able to see the way, our focus should be that He always can, and as we trust in His leading, He will continue to guide us to work through our situation for His glory. Walking by faith involves trusting in God deeply and that which we have committed to Him; He is more than able to perfect that which concerns us (Psalm 138:8). We should not worry the thing to death and hash out in our mind every possible, reasonable solution, but rather relinquish control over to the one who has all the answers and has numbered the very hairs on our heads!

So how do we do this? Here are a few ways to help move forward when walking by faith!

1. Recall God’s faithfulness in the past

Purposefully look back on all the times, big and small, that God has come through for you. This will help encourage you as you direct your focus ahead.

2. Surrender

It’s imperative to surrender what you cannot do and give it to the only one who can! Share with God your fears and concerns and how, at times, you may have a tendency to want to hold on to them. When thoughts of doubt come, decide to operate in faith. I believe that as we face our fears, we will then, in essence, be able to reach our greatest potential, and this can only be accomplished through FAITH and allowing Him to direct our every step.

3. Pray

Let petitions and praise change your worries into prayers. When you bring your concerns to Him, before you know it, a sense of wholeness will come, He will displace worry at the center of your life, and He will give you a perfect peace that passes all understanding.

4. Have a heart of expectancy

Anticipate that God is working behind the scenes for you, making a way where here seems to be no way. We need to be people of faith, not worry! Let’s believe even though we cannot see. Have confidence that God is making all things new on your behalf!

There will be hardships and challenges we face, but we can always be assured that God is with us in the storms, and when everything around us is raging, He will calm us and the winds of life as we activate our faith in Him! We won’t always know the way, but that’s okay; it’s both the lesson and the gift, and as we begin letting go of what we cannot see and the things that overwhelm us, we then can intentionally begin to live out this thing called “faith.”

There is one thing I am sure of: He is faithful! Especially when He sees our heart of faith and as we fall on our kness before Him and give him full control, he continues to work out all the details. God is the author of all that is good and He is working all things for our good (Romans 8:28).

God has a perfect plan for us, but it is a step by step process. He doesn’t do it all at once because He wants to teach us to walk by faith not by sight!