In the middle of service as I looked around, my heart began to sink at the unoppcupied chairs and lack of connection I saw in the eyes of men. Half we’re there in person but their eyes showed that there hearts were somewhere else. Did we all soon forget that the eye is the lamp of the body and in that we tell on ourselves.

A brief glance across the room an a flood of downloads went into my spirit as I was pressing God to share with me what was on his heart.

Within less then 5 minutes, He begins to lead me into some truths that sobberingly awakened me. I began to weep and my heart became heavy as He allowed me to see the state of the church. The few on the side checking social media and texting during worship, the sidebar conversations instead of entering in. The looks of boredom on the faces as if to say I have done my Christian duty today,now can I go home.

He began to show me the making of an army. It was an unpopular army, one that wasn’t very appealing to the masses. It’s name was the set apart ones. The story of Gideon’s army came rushing in when out of 32,000 men only 300 remained standing to fight.  Then I began to see the calling that went out over people’s lives and the procrastination that began to set in. Putting off for tomorrow what you can do for today. The patience of the Lord as He affirmed, confirmed and reaffirmed to His children but with no avail they remained on the side lines not willing to go forth. He then showed me the obedient ones coming in from other parts of the nations to fulfill the vision over the church. One thing I knew for sure on my heart was this, His vision and direction for the church will be fulfilled even if He has to call others to positions that have already been assigned. He still is sovereign.

I proceeded to pray what was the strategy for a situation that just seems to be getting worse. He simply put this on my heart, the strategy is simply to be the example, stir yourselves up in your most Holy Faith even if you are few in number. So I want to leave you with this, even if your alone, unpopular in your stance for God, keep yourself on fire and burning for Him for He knows the hearts of men and He is building His army. Selah