So many people who want to pursue a career in modeling just aren't sure of what is the most effective way to start their Careers.  And despite their lack of knowledge they sign with agencies that promise quick jobs, fame and fortune, and all you have to do is sign on the dotted line.Never sign a contract or pay money up front without knowing all of the information.   Months later with little to no contact you find yourself in the same position you were months earlier except that now you are "Represented" by someone who has a financial stake in your career.  If you are seriously looking to launch your career, do you know what steps you should take to give yourself the best chance to succeed? Many aspiring models, singers and actors have the same questions you may have.  I have the looks, talent and desire, what else do I need?  Should I get training? At Millie Lewis we are constantly asked this question by women, men and parents of children interested in pursuing their passion.  Each time we have the same answer. No star is born overnight.

Look at the life of a Professional athlete or even a Professor at a University for an example of proper training for a successful future. Professional athletes invest hundreds of hours and dollars to train and be the best. College professors invest just as much time and money in their education in order to be a credible and outstanding teacher. These two examples are important to compare to the modeling industry because they are professions not easily obtained. So if you know this is what it takes to be the best model, actor, singer or dancer why wouldn’t you do the same and get professional TRAINING???

The first thing you need to know is that professional Modeling and Talent Agencies only work with those who have experience and training. Experience comes from how many jobs you have booked. To get ‘the job’ models, actors, singers and dancers need to be able to compete with people who are already trained or experienced. Training entails learning and absorbing the necessary skills to be successful from professionals and or other experienced models and talent.

Why should you train at Millie Lewis Models and Talent of Charleston? We have had a number of success stories over 36 years of business in the Charleston area. A few names you may recognize that got their START at Millie Lewis would be Ashley Scott, an Elite model who turned actress. Mena Suvari, actress, starring in movies like American Pie and American Beauty.

Josh Strickland, a professional singer and star of Broadway show “Tarzan”. Aaron Burr, professional dancer, traveling with group “Tap Dogs” and also was recognized as the ‘Best Tap Dancer in America’ by Tommy Tunes, a nine time Tony Award Winner. Matt Czuchry, actor, who has worked on TV series’ such as “Gilmore Girls” and “The Good Wife”. After Matt’s first film he continued to train and work on his acting skills so it just goes to show that there is ALWAYS room for training and improving your craft.

Want to know more about your next step in the modeling industry? Then contact us, Millie Lewis Models and Talent of Charleston, and schedule a free, no obligation consultation and get the information you need to head down the right path. You have nothing to lose and only the best knowledge to gain if you make that call.