Tuesdays are the days in which I focus all of my meetings and events in the downtown Charleston area; and I am always on the lookout for a new, friendly coffee shop to be able to finish some work in my down time. To this I was pleasantly surprised to have kind, outgoing female barista approach me with a complementary waffle sample while enjoying a stroll on King St for 2nd Sunday. For only a sample, this waffle was delicious with a sweet and fresh taste. I had to explore this new coffee shop.


The name is Tricera Coffee, and it is conveniently located off King at 41A George St. As I walked into the shop, two things immediately stood out……the modern décor and how engaged the patrons were. As people were ordering their coffee they were joking with the baristas, there were pleasant conversations occurring throughout the various tables in the shop, I even witnessed people making new friends as they were waiting for their coffee. Not only was the atmosphere pleasant, but the coffee was at the highest quality. Coming from an Italian decent, a nice relaxing cup of espresso during your mid-day break is not only a delicacy but one in which many coffee shops lack in quality. This was not the case at Tricera. I ordered a three dimensional South American espresso and I can honestly say it was not like anything I have tasted. The rich flavor savored as you sipped the espresso and the temperature was just right.

As I was speaking with the owner Robbie, he mentioned before Tricera opened he was involved in gourmet coffee catering for weddings and corporate events. With the business expanding they began to roast coffee for farmer markets. 5 years later as the business evolved it became evident Tricera Coffee would be a great addition to downtown Charleston. Starting a brick and mortar business is a daunting task, and Robbie attributes the support of his family and friends to his success, as well as his willingness to put everything on the line to launch a top notch coffee shop.


So what makes Tricera Coffee unique, and more importantly why should you visit them? It’s in the experience. The drinks are hand crafted opposed to being automated. Coffee ranges from local blends to exotic international roasted, with the commitment of being the highest quality. The staff is personable and they thrive to educate on the different types and styles of coffee. And of course let us not forget, they even make their own maple syrup for those delicious waffles.

So if you are ever in the King St area, make sure you say hello to Robbie and the staff at Tricera Coffee. You will be pleasantly surprised! You can also visit them at https://www.facebook.com/triceracoffee.