Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website in a search engine’s natural or unpaid (organic) search results.  This includes searches through Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc.  It is driven through a combination of keywords and links associated with your site and online brand.  With just a little bit of tweaking, your site can perform better and rank higher in searches, more effectively reaching your target client.

One of the most important elements to building an online marketing strategy around SEO is empathy for your audience.  Once you grasp what your target market is looking for, you can more effectively reach those users.

Once you’ve established what your potential clients are looking for, write down a few keywords that encompass your business.  For example, if you are an accountant, your keywords might be: tax help, accounting help, bookkeeping, payroll, etc.

The next step is to make sure these keywords appear on your site.  It’s important that these words are featured in a natural, organic way, either through an introduction paragraph, “about us” page, or a services page.  Think about other ways you may be able to focus on these keywords, either through additional website content or a blog entry.

These keywords can also be added into the back-end of your site through the meta-tags area.  This is going to help the web recognize your keywords faster.

Finally, setting up and adding the Google Analytics tool to your site will help you see which keywords are driving traffic to your site!

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