Tuesday, August 14, 2018



Está chegando! E será em Brasília! Simpósio de Teologia do Corpo com Christopher @cwestTOB @promotoresdavid

Growing up evangelical, I was taught the body is merely a tent for the soul. Then I encountered something called Theology of the Body, which radically transformed my view of the body, human sexuality -- and in turn, birth control. @TOBInstitute @cwestTOB

Why Evangelicals Should Rethink Embrace of Contraception, Part Three | Julie Roys

This is the third in a series on evangelicals and contraception. Read parts one and two. “My parents had five kids and I was always embarrassed ...


We only have 10 spaces left to join my Italy pilgrimage Nov. 8-17. Gonna be a blast. Among the highlights is a private 2-hr visit to the Sistine Chapel! Packages available from US or land-only from anywhere. Details at . This pilgrimage will sell out soon!

Check out today's blog: Hang up on hookups. https://t.co/5YJEGIMyGv

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