2014 I made the decision to get involved with a direct marketing company and create my own business opportunity.  While in the process of doing research, I was contacted by a former boss who told me about an "up and coming" company called Qivana.  

As business expenses are on the rise, companies are looking for creative ways to get their products to the public as cost effectively as possible. 

Direct Sales Marketing does just that.  Lets face it, we all recommend a good restaurant, movie or store, we just don't get paid for doing it.  

Direct Sales Marketing rewards you for peaking people's interest in your product and turning them into loyal customers.  Furthermore most direct sales marketing company's compensation packages reward it's members for initial sales and residual sales, similar to the way insurance agents receive a residual on renewals.

In identifying the right company to purchase my IBO (Independent Business Owner), I looked for a company that had excellent leadership that was as devoted to its people as it was to its products.   I also wanted a company that had not peaked.  Qivana's business structure is designed with 50+ year plan in place and markets the highest quality natural health products.  Their compensation plan includes quick start bonuses on initial sales, residual income on re-orders(autoships) as well as leadership bonuses, automobile bonus, as well as cash bonuses as you climbed the ranks.

Direct Selling News which is the premier online magazine for the direct sales industry recently featured Qivana in a company review.   Below is the link to the review. 


If you would like to know more about Direct Sales Marketing or would like to consider starting your own IBO in Qivana, please email me at gcoli@verizon.net.