Some guys are masterful with their pick-up lines. Others are just smooth in their actions. Yet for a true gentleman, there is nothing more powerful than praying for that special woman. I know, I know…you are thinking, “How is prayer more effective than a smooth sense of humor?”

When you pray for a woman, you are showing her that you are different than other guys who are just looking for a temporary fill. It shows that you genuinely care for her, who she is, and what she is all about. It also displays a sense of comfort and protection. If a man is willing to protect a woman’s innocence and spirituality by praying for her, it shows that he is not only capable of offering her stability and true love, but he knows the true source of this is God alone.

When you pray for a woman, it is the ultimate act of showing her how beautiful she truly is, inside and out. Praying with her shows how much you truly care about her, that her natural beauty is so important to you that you have to bring before your Heavenly Father to bless and guide every moment you spend together. Here is what Kris Wolfe from says:

What sort of people do you prefer to be around? People who lift you up or tease you and tear you down? The answer is obvious. Everyone wants a supporter and an encourager in their corner.

Praying encourages and builds, and these are fundamental to a great relationship. Prayer establishes a great foundation should the relationship progress.

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