Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Threads of Hope

An adoptive mother’s nonprofit social enterprise provides predictable, sustainable income for women in Ethiopia.

Secrets Your Business is Missing on Facebook

Is your business missing the key Secrets to connect with customers on Facebook?

Rejected by the one you love

Everyone has at one time or another felt the rejection of someone they love. I wanted to share with you what the Lord put on my heart in understanding rejection.

Get Wisdom, Get Understanding, Get Perspective

This article touches on the importance of seeking for wisdom and understanding in all matters, and how Christians should maneuver their mindsets in forming right opinions.

Lent: A Season to Love?

A personal observation of our calling in this Lenten season to love others.

I Love my church so much and I’m so thankful for the role I get to play. Overwhelmed as I got to sit and worship with every leader on our @newspring team tonight ❤️❤️

So thankful for the work God is doing in the hearts of the people I do life with @newspring! What an honor it is to be a part of His Kingdom

Thankful for what God is doing in and through @newspring Church 💚

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Want a Happy Marriage? Do This Now

Communication as the key to a happy, healthy, successful marriage

A Trinitarian View of Sexuality

The sexual embrace mirrors the inner Trinitarian mystery. How might this influence sexual fulfillment?

Embracing your singleness!

Believing God has a special someone for you.
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