According to Leviticus, during the time of Jubilee, slaves and prisoners would be freed, debts would be forgiven and the mercies of God would be particularly manifest.   Upon my initial visit to The Jubilee Market, located on Remount Road in North Charleston, it was truly apparent that the time of Jubilee had in fact come to our area.

This phenomenal non-profit organization is a platform where souls, spirits, and bodies of women, and men alike are receiving a divinely appointed freedom, through not only what they have been rescued from, but from what they are able to attain after they are no longer captive.

Liz Glover is the Founder/CEO of The Jubilee Market and Café.  It is through her heart and relationship with God that such a remarkable place came into existence.  It began in 2007 after watching a documentary about human trafficking, Liz was compelled to do something beyond prayer.  However, it is the divine orchestration that resulted through her prayers that she became connected to organizations that were actively facilitating and participating in rescues oversees.

With assistance from family, friends, and her church, Liz was able to travel to Bombay, India and see first-hand the tragedy behind the trauma of the women and girls who have been enslaved through human trafficking.

It was there, in the Red Light District that it was laid upon her that these young women and girls did in fact need salvation, but in addition to that, they were in need of attaining self-worth, vocational training, and employment.  These needs would become the main platform for a non-profit soon to be birthed.

During the time spent with Liz Glover, I was exposed to her beautiful spirit and her equally beautiful skill that derives from her background in textiles.  It is because of this gift that Liz began to set up Safe Houses that would provide freed women in India with educational and vocational skills.  Finally, they would be equipped, she would pass on this gift. She would teach them how to sew. One can instantly recognize the divine presence and dignity in every piece of clothing, jewelry, and window treatment produced.

Along with CFO/Director of Transitions, Beverly Dickey-Daniel and Operations Manager, Cassandra Neal, Liz Glover now serves a diverse population of freed women (and men) who have been involved in human trafficking and domestic violence in one form or another both locally and overseas. Of Course, it is called The Jubilee Market and Café.  Here they can attain many more different skills including:  IT training, Hospitality, Photography, Roofing, and Sales and Marketing, as well as, sewing/textiles.

Everyone who reads this can do something to help those freed or in need of being freed of human trafficking.  Hand-made clothing and jewelry produced by FREED People are featured on for purchase.  These goods are also available at The Jubilee Market Café at 1551 Remount Road, Suite A in North Charleston.  By being a patron at the café you would also support Freed People who are currently in the “staff in training” program through this nonprofit organization.