With the rapidly growing number of children being diagnosed with autism, and autism spectrum disorders (one in 150 8-year-old children), more and more parents are challenged with having a teenage or young adult with fine and gross motor skills, and/or sensory issues, causing frustrations for everyone when it comes to clothing time.

Each morning can be a struggle for both parents and children with special needs, and getting dressed can be one of the hardest parts of the day. But what are the other options, besides sweatpants, with graphic tee shirts, or dressing them yourself? And what will happen when you are no longer here to care for them?

Lauren Thierry, a mother of three  from Madison, Connecticut has found the faith and courage inside of herself, and came up with the perfect solution to help this growing population of people with disabilities!

Targeted towards autistic adults and children like her son, this new clothing line will provide stylish clothing for both males and females, allowing them the independence of getting dressed by themselves, while building their self esteem with the universal wear of each clothing item, making getting dressed simple and easy.

Having a special needs family member can be quite a challenge, but they are some of the greatest gifts from God. Thierry found her calling to help her son, and others like him, by her experiences. And because of her courage to create change, thousands of children and young adults will now have the ability to clothe themselves, without having to ask for assistance or fear embarrassment.

For most people, getting dressed every morning seems like a simple task. But at 17 years old, Lauren Thierry’s son Liam still has trouble dressing himself. That’s because Liam has autism.

“A lot of people with autism have issues with fine and gross motor skills,” Thierry told ABC News on Friday. So Thierry started Independence Day Clothing, a fashion line for those with cognitive impairments or physical handicaps, so that people like Liam could get dressed independently and look just like everyone else.”

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