The digital world is rapidly changing, which presents two major problems for local small businesses: The time it takes to keep up with the rapid changes to social media and search engines, and the time it takes to actually design and implement an effective digital marketing campaign. In fact, a number of small business are actually losing money because they do not have the experience or training to effectively maintain a digital campaign that works. In addition, most businesses are not even appearing in an online search when potential customers are looking for their services. Time is king and profit is the objective, so how can a local small business overcome these challenges, engage the clientele in this 2.0 world, and maximize the full power of social media and search engines receiving the same results as the “big guys”?

Green Bag Designs is a local marketing agency based in Charleston that helps you strengthen your message through consistent branding, a strong web presence and a great marketing strategy; giving you the tools needed for your business to grow and thrive. They offer small businesses the service of a complete marketing department at a price they can afford. What makes Green Bag so successful? They understand the needs and concerns of their clients.  They are constantly pushing themselves to try new things, and staying on top of the latest trends and marketing techniques. More importantly, they strive to embrace what makes their client special, and what works for their specific brand.

The owner of the business, Christine Majernik, loves challenging herself and connecting with the people she works with.  Her famous quote is, “When my clients succeed, I succeed.”  Majernik started the company when she had reached the peak of her previous position and wanted to take the future into her own hands. Like you, she had an entrepreneurial spirit, and started creating marketing campaigns for local businesses. As word spread and other businesses witnessed the quality and results of her work, her business began to thrive.

As any entrepreneur knows, starting a business is very difficult and provides many challenges. It is always fascinating to learn of the challenges one overcomes to the path of success. For Majernik, it was maintaining the confidence in herself and overcoming self-doubt; however that quickly faded away when businesses saw the results of her work.

Through her faith and dedication, she now is inspired and excited in what she does, doing exactly where her talents are best suited. She enjoys the being part of the experience, watching her client’s company grow and flourish to its full potential. She also has some advice to upcoming entrepreneurs, “Start slow, and work with people that build you up, not bring you down.”

In this rapidly changing and complex economy, sometimes it makes sense to hire an expert so we can focus on what we do best as local business owners. Green Bag Designs has a track record of developing a marketing campaign that engages your target market, as well as ensuring your website is fully optimized so consumers can find you on Google when they search for your services. Christine Majernik is your marketing department, all in one bag.  Join her to pack a bag.