When everything you’re dreaming for seems to self-destruct, you are left in the dust cloud of trying to figure out the inevitable question, “What just happened?”

Have you ever felt like what you are trying to build just seems to fall apart? As if you are left in a season of disbelief? My friend, you are not alone. Your emotions are scattered and you desperately run to God with a million questions; what is going on? All you are left with is the debris of everything that has just been torn down in your life. Let me share with you a vision I had on a plane as I was traveling to the mountains for a getaway to be alone with God. I definitely felt I would hear from Him but I didn’t expect for it to start on the airplane ride before I even got there.

As I was praying I began to see this picture in my spirit. It was a building that was imploding and I could see the dust cloud rising. I also saw two hands on the device that would push down to trigger the implosion. The word Imploded highlighted in my heart. I didn’t fully know what it meant, so I wanted to look up the definition and one of the definitions said this: to collapse inward as if from external pressure; also, to become greatly reduced as if from collapsing.

Then I believe God began to communicate some things to my heart. In disastrous times in our lives, God allows structures and belief systems to fall apart that were built but not based on Him. This is called the demolishing phase, when God desires to reconstruct you in a greater capacity for His Kingdom. I saw that this was a very emotional phase. No decisions should be made in this season until the dust settles. God has shown Himself faithful to carry you through. Resting and healing in Him is key to getting through this phase. God is breaking down everything that He wishes to strip away. Not the circumstance, but our capacity to handle being in a season when all we can do is trust Him.

Phase two begins: the cleanup phase. This is probably the most uncomfortable phase because everything in your life has shifted or changed. Your feelings are wanting to go back to the familiar, but God is cleaning out things that need to be removed. No cleanup season is comfortable, but it is necessary in order for us to grow and be ready for a new building to be constructed.

This will lead you to a rebuilding stage. Let the new structure or the rebuilding of God take place. This is where God’s plan comes in, in a greater measure for your life.

All this is necessary to get us ready for the usable phase. You know when a building, home or place of business is ready to open. This supplies a working environment, a center for Kingdom business, a place where God’s business can be executed.

Of course there is always upgrading and expanding from there on out. What am I trying to say? I’m saying you are the building of God. You are the temple. His presence and power dwell in you. We are all at different phases in our lives or seasons. But all this construction is used to further God’s Kingdom here on earth. So as we walk through difficult things, all the foundations we have that are not of Him will crumble in our lives as go trough trials and tribulations. He will always be restructuring us to go deeper in Him and removing all belief systems that have been corrupted along the way, or areas in our heart that have become worldly or cold. Let Him have His way and take heart, He has overcome the world! Your foundation is the Rock, and it is in your DNA to be an overcomer. Great things are being built for your future!