At this point you have taken the time to define the wants, needs, and problems of your ideal customer. Then you have used this information to create a blog to position yourself as the go-to expert, building trust and loyalty by offering a solution to their problems. In this stage, we provide 4 easy steps on how Main St Rock can help you attract readers to your blog.

1. Publish Your Article: Main St Rock Magazine has a unique feature to that helps local businesses publish quality blogs. To submit your blog visit

2. Email Article to Current Customers: Now that your article is published with a reputable media outlet, it is time to promote it. The first step to promote your expert article is to share it with your current customers and contacts. Send an email to everyone in your data base with a link to your published blog showcasing your expert advice. This will build loyalty, and reaffirm why you are the one they are doing business with.

3. Use as a Tool with Potential Customers: There is one major objection that prevents customers from buying from you, and chances are you have addressed this objection in your blog. Every time you meet a perspective customer, send them the link to your blog. This will intrigue the customer, provide value, position you as an expert, and (if written properly) overcome the objection for you. Most importantly it will build trust, opening the door for a fruitful business relationship.

4. Post on Social Media: If you want to promote your article, the easiest way is to have other people promote it for you. Everything is about going viral these days. Recently an article was written about a local coffee shop on Main St Rock Magazine, the owner posted the article on Facebook and within a couple of hours over 200 people shared the post for all of their friends to see. Now if 200 people shared the article, how many people do you think read it?! Once you have published your blog, share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and any other social media site you may use.

5. Share in Social Media Groups: I am sure there are a number of professional groups you are a member of on social media. These groups are filled with great professionals and potential customers to share your blog.

Blogging is the wave of the future, however it does take practice. If it seems difficult at first, don’t worry – just stay with it and in time you will see how easy it becomes. To start off, local small businesses should blog at least 1-2 times a month.

If you could use guidance in promoting your first Expert Blog, feel free to email and we will be happy to help (yes, the hook line again….however if you need someone to walk you through the process, we are here to help).