Plunging my arms into the sudsy water, I feel a prickle of annoyance. These are regular plates and silverware which the dishwasher should have cleaned easily, but it had failed this simple task. So here I am, repetitively scrubbing and rinsing dish after dish. What am I doing and why? The simple answer is that I’m washing dishes because our dishwasher isn’t working properly. However, this fails to satisfy my true query. The real solution to my question isn’t that obvious. I’m washing the dishes because I love my husband. I’m performing an act of service for my spouse. In this moment, I am glorifying God through living out my vocation of marriage. Suddenly, the warm water and bubbles become beautiful and refreshing rather than tedious and irritating. Finding the real reason for my labor fills me with a sense of meaning and draws me closer to God.

It’s not just washing dishes. Whether it’s waking up or mowing the grass or editing a spreadsheet or driving a car or brushing teeth, each and every moment gives me a chance to be intentional in keeping love as my motivation in all that I do. Yet so often I fall short. ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Caught up in what’s next, I neglect to appreciate where I am and what I have and I lose sight of what’s truly important. Bogged down by the mundane activities of daily life, I miss out on the joy and fulfillment that is mine to grasp in every moment. Blinded by my own thoughts, I fail to recognize God’s presence. I’m working on doing a better job at this, learning to see God in each moment and to draw closer to Him. I’ve been asking myself a lot of questions lately in the process. I hope pondering the same ones helps you to see how God is leading you and what steps you can take to move closer to Him.

Where do I go to find God? Do I seek Him in nature? Do I see Him in others? Do I find Him in His sanctuary, in church? Do I look for Him in small moments as well as big events?

When do I speak to God? What do I say to Him? Do I express my gratitude for His blessings? Do I adore and worship Him, pouring out praise? Do I tell Him my needs and express to Him my hopes and dreams? Do I seek His guidance in my decision-making?

How often do I listen to Him? Is my heart open to His calling? Can I recognize His voice when He’s speaking? Do I allow for quiet time?

How does my life glorify God? Do I love as I ought? Do I strive to do what’s right even when it’s difficult?

It’s the little moments that shape us gradually into who we become and the small decisions that define who we are. Our lives are filled with ordinary moments in and through which we are called to extraordinary love. God is with us all the time, and His call is constant. May we respond to His call to love in small ways as well as great ones.