Saturday, February 24, 2018

Friendship and Fellowship

True friends are a tremendous blessing

Where are the devout?

In the aftermath of any terrorism, especially those related to Islamic Extremism, why are we not as a culture or society calling for a greater devotion to good moral teaching and lifestyles rather than just screaming out for "moderate" voices?

Body Talk

Physical modesty is a hot topic with a variety of different views. Are there any objective norms that might guide discussion and practice?

Give Home a Chance

Why are we in such a rush to shed our roots? Let's give our hometown's a chance to be home forever.

It’s Your Year; Make it Matter!

This article is about setting goals for the New Year and giving some helpful tips / insights on how to accomplish them by going into the New Year in a positive way!

What My 11 Siblings Taught Me About Real Love

While the current culture views love as a passing feeling, my siblings have taught me that love is an unselfish choice we make every single day.

A World of Dreams

Our Dreams shape us and motivate us. But what happens if there is a major flaw in our "Dream Sources"?

Barbie’s Party

Body image and gender roles are hot topics among boys and girls. Can the design and concept of the decades long popular, Barbie doll, make significant impact on our perception of ourselves and others as we age?

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Why does God Choose To Speak To Us?

God speaks to us so that we might know love and be love.

The Peace of Christ

This article helps us to better understand the gift of Christ's peace.

Your Prayers are Desired

This article discusses ways to develop a consistent prayer life and relationship with God.

“Being Led by God’s Will”

Trusting in God's Will.

Living Outside the Moment

A discussion of how to approach life with a supernatural outlook, focusing on what matters instead of being overly concerned with unimportant details.

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