Saturday, February 24, 2018

You, Fashion and I: A Love Story – Part 2

The final installment of the love sequel that express the combination of fashion and how a passion for can bring two people together

Keeping it progressive and classy: Fashion for your first summer date

Fashion for the summer and what to wear on your first date. Wearing for your body type in a way that flatters and impresses in a tasteful way!

You, Fashion, and I. A Love Story Part. 1

A first part story of how fashion brings two people together in this modern society

9 Things You Need To Know About Ties

This article pinpoints everything on the need to knows about ties.

What To Wear and Do on a First Date

This article gives you a good guide on what to dress like and the right ways to go about your first Date. The how and what to do on your date and 5 things to assists you on maximizing your outfit for the night.

Drugs Make me Want to Scream

A focus on culture becoming desensitized to drugs in general, prescription and recreational. Deaths from these drugs are preventable, and we as society must take a look at how we can contribute to eradicating the disease of drug addiction

Warning: Envy and Depression can be Self-Imposed through Facebook

Millennials shrug the critiques baby boomers make about increased social media use. This article chronicles a personal epiphany about potential emotional turmoil Facebook can cause in response to a recently published study.

Springing Forward – Inexpensive Fashion Must-Haves for Spring

With spring arriving, it is time to swap out the dark nails and black purses and reinvent your style with chic pastels and pops of color while still managing your budget.

Why You Should Read the Classics

The classics are not just books to read in English class. These books have important lessons in their styles and stories for young adults in today's culture.

Study Breaks: 3 Game-Changing Tips

Three game-changing tips for students to get the most out of their study breaks.

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God speaks to us so that we might know love and be love.

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Your Prayers are Desired

This article discusses ways to develop a consistent prayer life and relationship with God.

“Being Led by God’s Will”

Trusting in God's Will.

Living Outside the Moment

A discussion of how to approach life with a supernatural outlook, focusing on what matters instead of being overly concerned with unimportant details.

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