Saturday, March 17, 2018

Resolution Revitalization: 5 Essential Elements

Five essential elements to help get you back on track with your New Year's Resolutions.

Do You Want to Achieve Optimal Self-Improvement? It Is a Matter of Looking In,...

We are not made to be perfect. Who sets the standards and where do look when evaluating ourselves? With this two part series you will learn the key to optimal self improvement is learning to look inward and up, not out.

Backpacks, Crayons and Psychotropic Drugs

Natural, gentle, highly effective alternative treatment to highly addictive psychotropic drugs for schoolchildren

3 Simple Steps to Shape Up for Summer 2015!

Getting bathing suit ready for the summer by using 3 simple steps. Toning, Interval training, and eating with moderation advice by the experts.

Do You Want To Achieve Optimal Self-Improvement? It Is A Matter Of Looking In,...

The final chapter of this three part series touches on the impact of spiritual realm of health and the importance of feeding it.

Where Your Faith Meets Your Fitness

Learning to integrate your faith into your fitness can bring about a more consistent routine and more results. Here are three ways to make it happen!

Why You Shouldn’t Wait on the Weights

The benefits of consistent strength training stretch further than the visible muscles they develop. Discover the deeper reasons you should make your way to the weight room and develop a life long habit of spending time there.

Neurofeedback or “Brain Training” for ADHD American Academy of Pediatrics Declares this #1...

Non invasive, drug free alternative to change the way your brain works and relieve attention, hyperactivity, impulsivity issues and more. No wonder the American Academy of Pediatrics Declares this #1 Best Level Support

5-Star Nutrition for YOUR Health!

You deserve your health!

New Years Resolutions….the one word you should define before making that list.

Is it really about making the RESOLUTION, or is it actually about the DISCIPLINE required to attain it. Discover seven detailed steps to ensure your success. Isn’t it time to actually conquer these resolutions? Bring on the challenge!

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