Saturday, February 24, 2018

So No One May Boast

Presenting an idea that we remember to offer an "Amen" every time someone thanks us - for the glory and honor belong to God.

My Life Began…. when I Gave it to Christ

How was I to make and keep Christ, a man that I had never met, the leader of my life? Seven months ago I decided to give my life to Christ, to hand everything over, to acknowledge that I needed him. That is when life really began.

Coincidence! It is Him calling us back to His Arms!

Coincidence is God's call - His message to you!

Healing Heart Wounds

Most of us have experienced cruelty, personal trauma, loss and other painful experiences that have touched the core of our being and left our hearts wounded. Where do we go from there?

The Chilean miners’ miracles: How faith helped them survive

The Chilean miners' miracles: How faith helped them survive

Fringes: Frayed and Fragmented

Looking at compassionate outreach to those on the outskirts of society - remembering that even the smallest positive change in the world is a step in the right direction

Lone Wolf to Hispanic Christian

As a victim of racism and living in the secular world where God is absent, I claimed the identity as a lone wolf. After seeking a relationship with God, He Himself revealed to me my true identity as a Hispanic Christian.

The Father’s Heartbeat

it's time to let the Father reconstruct our hearts to have our heartbeat with His. This hour is critical for the church!

Lent: A Season to Love?

A personal observation of our calling in this Lenten season to love others.

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Why does God Choose To Speak To Us?

God speaks to us so that we might know love and be love.

The Peace of Christ

This article helps us to better understand the gift of Christ's peace.

Your Prayers are Desired

This article discusses ways to develop a consistent prayer life and relationship with God.

“Being Led by God’s Will”

Trusting in God's Will.

Living Outside the Moment

A discussion of how to approach life with a supernatural outlook, focusing on what matters instead of being overly concerned with unimportant details.

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