Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Pursuing True Joy

Joy flows from our relationship with Christ and is a daily choice.

The Missing Piece in Your Goal-Setting

For Better Results, Involve God in Your Plans

Clarity in the Still of the Night

Living in the present moment as the key to a more fruitful prayer life.

Recapturing the Hope of your Childhood

How do we recapture that essence and hope of childhood? And is it imperative that we do?

Finding God in Everyday Moments

Our vocation is lived out in everyday moments where God calls us to respond to His call in love

In Darkness or Light?

How is your faith life at present? How many of the tools of faith are you using and using well? Find out here.

Walking by Faith!

The importance of following God faithfully even when we do not understand why certain things are happening in our lives.

Humidity and Humility

The call to love is a call to practice humility

How to Know if the Path in Front of You is from God

How do you know which window of opportunity is the one God has intended for you to take? Which path leads to happiness, and which ones lead to grey skies?

Reinvigorating Your Faith

Love of God as the centerpiece of faith in Him