Friday, November 17, 2017

The Peace of Christ

This article helps us to better understand the gift of Christ's peace.

Why does God Choose To Speak To Us?

God speaks to us so that we might know love and be love.

Your Prayers are Desired

This article discusses ways to develop a consistent prayer life and relationship with God.

“Being Led by God’s Will”

Trusting in God's Will.

Living Outside the Moment

A discussion of how to approach life with a supernatural outlook, focusing on what matters instead of being overly concerned with unimportant details.

Catch the Wave of Expectancy

What are you expecting and are you in postion to catch what the Lord is about to release ? Be encouraged, God is moving!

Surprised by Beauty

Beauty is a means by which God expresses His deep love for us

5 things why is the struggle real?

When life is going good we don't miss a beat things are moving right along but there are times when things change & there...

Stepping into the Light

An encounter with the compassion of Christ, and three things it taught me.