Catch the Wave of Expectancy

Sometimes, God will give us a natural example so we can understand something He is trying to communicate a little more easily. When I spend time in prayer, I often see scenarios or pictures in my heart and wait while I begin to understand the things that are highlighted in my spirit.

Envision a wave pool. People are gathering around because there is anticipation that the waves will begin soon, so many start on their journey to find the spot in the water that best suits them. The water at this point is still and there is casual conversation as you sit in the water, waiting for the release of the waves. While in the pool, there is no doubt in your mind that, at the appointed time, the alarm will sound and the waves will be released. Many scream with excitement as the thrill of the waves stirs them, even though they may feel a little fear in the midst of riding the waves. And so it begins, the whole purpose of why you gathered in the first place, to catch the waves!

As I pondered on this vision in my heart, I began to understand some things I believe the Lord was trying to communicate to me and for the body. You see, whether the people got in the water or not, the waves were coming and those brave enough went deep, while those comfortable enough positioned themselves waist high, and there are always those that just want to get their feet wet. But the least positioned were the ones that didn’t get in the pool at all, they are the ones who seem to always stay on the sidelines and watch.  The first thing I understood was to get in position. This required a mindset that I knew where I needed to be because there was a firm belief that the waves were coming. There was no doubt in my mind, because even though the waters were still, I believed without a doubt what was about to be released.

I believe there is too much doubt in the body of Christ right now, almost a spirit of doubting Thomases. We won’t believe unless we see first. This mindset is not a kingdom of God mindset. We are told to believe in things unseen. We are to stand on the promises of God. Have we forgotten that we walk by faith and not by sight?  I also realized that, in order to experience anything that was about to happen, we need to get into the water, and I believe that staying connected to the Lord on a daily basis allows us to keep the waters within us stirred! It is vital in this season to stay close to the Holy Spirit, for we can do nothing without Him. A spring of living water flows through you.

So I ask you, my fellow reader, what are you expecting? Can you be so bold to take the limits off of God and believe for bigger things in your life? How can we limit a limitless God? Let’s get crazy and ask for the impossible, and believe He can do it! So get in position and be expecting, because the waves of God are coming for those that are ready to catch them!