What’s the big picture in your life and business?  How do you see it?  Are your activities keeping you on track to reach your goals and to have what you want in life?  How do your current strategies connect to the big picture?


To gain a better perspective, take time to define the results you are working toward, examine the way you spend your time, and explore the tools you are using along the way.  As an example, professional coaching, applying current technology, using learning sources, and connecting with likeminded professionals play an important role in your process.


·       Display your big picture message so that you see it daily.

·       Conduct regular tasks and activities that pertain directly to your desired outcome.

·       Understand the “why.”   Why is this important to you?

·       Know the “how.”  How will this add value to your life and the lives of others?

Working toward your big picture provides the purpose, the fulfillment, and the meaning in life and business.