7 Day Facebook Campaign to Kick-start Your Business

Facebook posts, business posts, social media
Facebook posts, business posts, social media

As a local business owner, everyone is telling us we need to be on Facebook. This sounds great and dandy, however, what exactly does that mean? What are we supposed to do on a daily basis, and what type of content should we post?

To take all of the guessing out, we have provided this easy, straight-forward 7-day guide to walk you through every step needed to establish an effective Facebook campaign. We have even added instruction links on particular steps if you need it!

Day 1: Sure up your base

  • Ensure the URL of your business Facebook page is in your email signature under the contact information.
  • Send an email to all of your contacts directly, asking them to like your business. Facebook page (ensure that you provide your Facebook URL in the body of the email).
  • Invite all of your Facebook friends to your business Facebook page.

Day 2: Post a Testimonial Picture

  • From your cell phone, take a picture of a client, prospect or employee that you have interacted with today.
  • With their permission, share that photo on your business Facebook page with a one sentence description of how great they are (ensure you have downloaded the Facebook app on your phone).
  • Tag the person you took a picture of. (Optional Instructions: http://www.online-tech-tips.com/fun-stuff/how-to-add-upload-and-tag-your-pictures-and-photos-in-facebook/
  • Immediately after you post, share the post from your business Facebook page to your personal Facebook page.

Day 3: Behind the Scenes Post

  • Take a picture today with your cell phone displaying the behind-the-scenes of your company. It can be your employees working on a project, a meeting with a customer, or a picture of you in action at work.
  • Try to get as many people in the picture as possible, and make sure it is a candid image of people at work – show something interesting that most people would not think about in your business.
  • Make sure to tag all of the people in the photo.
  • Immediately after you post, share the post from your business Facebook page to your personal Facebook page.

Day 4: Share a post from a Facebook page popular with your current clientele

  • Go to a Facebook page commonly viewed by your current followers (for example small businesses like Entrepreneur or Forbes, retail shoppers like Vogue, sports fans like the NFL).
  • Search the posts on that page in the last couple of days and select the one post that is most relevant to your business and has a large number of engagements (likes, shares, comments).
  • Share it on your business Facebook page and include a one sentence expert opinion of why your followers should read it – remember to focus on their wants.
  • After you post it, immediately share it from your business Facebook page to your personal Facebook page.

Day 5: Post a picture highlighting wants and benefits

  • What do your customers truly want more than anything? Capture this in an image and post it on your page.
  • Do not focus on your product and do not ask the viewer to buy, simple display that magic end-result customers will enjoy when they do business with you.
  • As you post, write one sentence focusing on the emotions your customers experience as they enjoy the benefits.

Day 6: Share an Inspiration Picture

  • Search Inspirational Images on Google.
  • Choose one you feel your current clientele can relate to.
  • When you post the image to your page, include a one line motivational comment relating to their wants.

Day 7: Inform/Educate

  • What is that one topic your customers need to be properly informed on?
  • Write a blog providing the top 5 things they should know on this issue.
  • Publish the blog on a 3rd party media outlet.
  • Share the published article from the 3rd party site to your business Facebook page.
  • Include one sentence announcing your expert advice was just published, enticing your followers to read it.

So here is an easy way to kick off your Facebook campaign, as you can see in the first week your ultimate goal should be to solidify your current base and contacts. Starting a Facebook campaign can be challenging at first, but don’t worry because this is very common. Stay with it, and with consistency, you will see how easy it is to interact with your customers. The key is to simply spend a couple of minutes a day on Facebook, and continue to ask the question “what do my customers truly want?”

If there is anything we can do to help, let us know – we love seeing local businesses succeed. After the first week, if you are looking to take your Facebook page to the next level, this article explains how you can apply the technology adoption life cycle to your social media campaign.