When life is going good we don’t miss a beat things are moving right along but there are times when things change & there is resistance & strain, but God doesn’t want us to struggle, confusion comes from the enemy. He wants to give us peace in all situations. A lot of Christians struggle because they want God to do great works in there life but they tend to want to hurry up the situation and get there already, but it’s a process.

1.) Do you know how to surrender?

Job 11:13-15 “Surrender your heart to God, turn him into prayer, and give up your sins- even those you do in secret. Then you won’t be ashamed; you will be confident & fearless.”
It’s easy to say I surrender but do you really? It’s not always easy, because our flesh wants to hurry & rush, we just want to get to the end result but we need to learn to enjoy this road that God has us on. Surrendering is casting all your fears, and burdens that we’re not meant to do on our own and just fully trust Him, no matter what situation we are going through. Pray about every little thing, God doesn’t think any prayer is insignificant if it’s your concern it’s your Heavenly fathers concern as well. When you’re in tuned with God and you fully give him control the worries, fear & anxiety leave because there not yours to begin with. So trust, keep pushing, and go for the great!

2.) Do you do things Out of your comfort zone?

Are you only doing things throughout the day, the week in your comfort zone? In order for God to do a move in your life, if you want to go to the next level there needs to be a shift. In order for that to happen, you have to go through situations, that are going to be rocky, that are going to be sticky, that are going to be rough but in order for you to become the woman/man God wants you to be you are going to have to be willing, to take this next step in your relationship with God. You might be thinking to yourself and how do I do that? Well whatever you’re not comfortable with requires stepping our of your comfort zone. Next time you’re in line getting s coffee, pay for the person in front of you, next time you see someone crying that you don’t know to well ask if you can pray with them, when we step out God sees our heart and he’s going to honor you! As we help others, we’re also helping ourselves.

3.) Fasting

When I say fasting I don’t mean a quick fast before you’re suppose to get blood work done…I’m talking about food, or anything that keeps you distracted from God…. FAST IT. Even if it’s just a meal, social media, when you give something up that you love and you’re completely giving everything to God it’s showing sacrifice & you will gain more then you gave up initially. You are inviting God into the situation to move & have His way. I can promise you my friend you’re going to get somewhere in your walk with God!

4. What are your words in the process?

As it says in Matthew 15:11 it is not what goes into the mouth that defiles a person, but what comes out of the mouth; this defiles a person.
If you keep translating that your predicament is never going to get better, you don’t see how God is going to change this situation, that is speaking negative and as you speak that over your life you’re already limiting what God can do & as your doing that you may find yourself staying in the same situation until you begin go use your words to change your situation. Don’t tell God how big your problem is, tell your problem how big your God is!! You have the power to speak positive over your life, thank God for your blessing like He already gave it to you, all you need is faith like a mustard seed.

5.) Last but not least… You can’t always take the easy way out

A lot of people want God to move, and they want blessings over there life but it’s easier to just stay where they are, but In order for God to take you to this next level in your walk with Him, sometimes you may have to go through some tough situations to make you stronger, it can get sticky & complicated but that means there’s going to be a break through and a shift is coming. Keep pushing, keep going, and fight this battle. If you always get the easy way out  in life you’re not going to have depth to you, God wants us to be His warriors for Him and in order for us to become that warrior we have to fight this battle. The enemy wouldn’t be fighting you this hard if he didn’t know God has something amazing in your future. You have to keep believing!