A little over 4 years ago, I tirelessly researched and picked apart the pet food industry to resolve my pet’s digestive issues. What I found was eye-opening, to say the least! (If you’re squeamish about what goes into your pet’s food and you actually care about your pet’s wellness, please do your research.) Or better yet, just ask me. I will recommend the highest quality pet nutrition you’ll ever need/want! After landing on a 5-star pet food which was approved for “human consumption,” I often joked about my pets eating better than myself. I decided not to go with the “raw” or “homemade” diet since I was paranoid about missing some essential vitamins and minerals, (and the fact that I strongly dislike cooking and food prep!)

Last year, I left my career at the University of Michigan to pursue happier things, such as more SUNSHINE and moved back to my home and the city I love, Charleston, S.C. I officially became a member of the Affordable Care Act. Although I was and still am a supporter of the ACA, I had to “shop around” and quickly found out there was a huge difference in the amounts of coverage from plan to plan. For 3 months, I paid not only the premiums but also the full cost of my prescriptions AND the full cost of my doctor’s visits before even coming close to meeting my deductible. At that point, I stopped joking around about how my pets “ate better and were much healthier” than me and I ate basically “crap.” I started looking for a better way…a healthier way to get and stay healthy and avoid excessive medical and prescription drug costs! I thought to myself, “If I could only find a pre-packaged, nutritious, healthy, science-based, research-complete system for myself…similar to the 5-star nutrition for my pets without having to try and formulate it and risk missing something…” In walked Qivana. Qivana and sunshine. Life is (now) good!

Read about us, Charleston Qivana. You deserve your health!