Sunday, June 24, 2018

States have more authority to require online retailers to collect sales taxes

Baby Boomers, want to downsize in retirement? But Millennials don't want your stuff

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Each One Matters; The Jubilee Market and Cafe

The Jubilee Market and Cafe is an organization serving victims of Human Trafficking by providing them with a loving and supportive place to work as well as skills they can use to sustain themselves.

Threads of Hope

An adoptive mother’s nonprofit social enterprise provides predictable, sustainable income for women in Ethiopia.
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Coincidence! It is Him calling us back to His Arms!

Coincidence is God's call - His message to you!

When all was Lost, He Appeared

Life was absolutely perfect, bigger and better than anything I could ever imagine. Nothing could stop us; we overcame every challenge, person and obstacle...

When You are Struggling to Read the Bible

Reading the bible can be difficult. Let's face it, sometimes we just do not understand it. Addie Zierman offers 8 books to help you through the struggle.

“Christ is calling you, not to perfection. He’s calling you to Himself.” @AMDGomer #SteubieLoneStar

“Don’t let the familiarity of the Cross drain it of its power.” @AMDGomer #SteubieLoneStar

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Forget Falling in Love with the “Perfect” Guy

It is one thing to set our expectations high in choosing someone to marry, this is good. However we often confuse this with making our expectations materialistic, this my friend is not good.

The Perfect Lover

Most single people dream of finding the perfect lover. What would that person look like? Or better yet, what would that person love like?

Life is Beautiful: A New Mother’s View on Love

Motherhood transforms the way I think about love and how I experience it

One of our bloggers from the site just published her first chastity book (on paperback and in kindle). She's also donating all proceeds to Chastity Project! Check it out here:

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ICYMI!>> #Glutenfree Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp! #paleo #vegan #dairyfree #grainfree

ICYMI!>> 30 #Healthy & #Glutenfree Grilling Recipes! #fitfluential #cleaneating

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