Monday, July 16, 2018
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How to Get Customers Coming to You

Marketing a small business is difficult, and I am sure we can all agree there are moments where we are wasting a lot of time and money. Most importantly that magic question is always on our mind: How do we get more customers?

Local Profile: Green Bag Designs

Local Profile: Green Bag Designs is a local firm that helps small businesses launch a successful digital marketing to engage potential customers.

What do you think of his product? Watch the Season 2 finale of Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch this Wednesday.

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Healing Heart Wounds

Most of us have experienced cruelty, personal trauma, loss and other painful experiences that have touched the core of our being and left our hearts wounded. Where do we go from there?

Truth, Goodness, Beauty…and Faith?

Finding God through reason

Lighting the Fire in Our Hearts: The Three Phases of the...

The spiritual life can be confusing. Fortunately, we stand on the shoulders of giants! The Three Phases of the Spiritual Life is a proven roadmap for spiritual progress.

Stay in God's gaze. That vulnerability can be uncomfortable; that intimacy can be frightening. But receiving His love without turning away can and will change everything.

God doesn’t always want to get you out of your circumstance.

Sometimes He wants to prepare a table for you in the middle of your circumstance and in the presence of your enemies.

7 days until Gauntlet 2018. So full of expectation for how God will be glorified... 🙌🏽

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Life is Beautiful: A New Mother’s View on Love

Motherhood transforms the way I think about love and how I experience it

Embracing your singleness!

Believing God has a special someone for you.

Yes, He Loves You, and this is How You Know

Men are from Mars, ladies. We women of Venus are deep, and passionate creatures, and some times we get lost in our dreams, and tend to forget that while our Knight in Shining Armor may not come riding in on a stallion with his sword drawn.

@cwestTOB will be visiting Chico on Tuesday, October 16 for the #MadeForMore conference at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church from 7-9:30pm. Tix are going fast so make sure you snag yours quick! Check out our parish website for more info!

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New!>> #Lowcarb Fish Taco Bowls! #fitfluential #healthyrecipe #grainfree #healthyeating

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