Sunday, July 15, 2018

These cities are developing technology to help you breathe better, park faster and feel safer. Is your city one of them? #paid @Inteliot

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9 Types of Content to Post on Your Business Facebook Page

Increase your Facebook engagements by posting content that resonates with your customers!

End of Summer Patio Ideas

There's still time for a great cookout with friends before summer's are a few patio ideas!
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Rejected by the one you love

Everyone has at one time or another felt the rejection of someone they love. I wanted to share with you what the Lord put on my heart in understanding rejection.

Christianity in the Workplace…is it possible?

In this country we have freedom of religion. But what exactly does this mean in the workplace?

Living Outside the Moment

A discussion of how to approach life with a supernatural outlook, focusing on what matters instead of being overly concerned with unimportant details.

You have authority in Jesus’ name to tell the enemy he can’t sit at your table!

We're so grateful for today's message from @louiegiglio!

What a timely message for us 💚

Let’s CELEBRATE that seven people prayed to receive Christ today at Second Chance Church!!

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Singles Self-Awareness Day

Four questions Christian singles should ask themselves this Valentines Day.

“There is Nothing Wrong with You”

Often, we can be blind to our own flaws in the dating sphere. It is easier to blame everything on something "out there" rather than taking a hard, honest look at ourselves.

Embracing your singleness!

Believing God has a special someone for you.
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