Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Diversity and inclusion: what's the difference, And how can we ensure both? #paid @ADP https://t.co/0vLZNBOGad

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Your Words Matter

Your Words Matter

The Role of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence leads for high performance and well being.
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Allow Faith to Overcome Your Doubt

It's not always easy for a person to continue to have faith through the hard times, after all, we are only human. Some may find it challenging to believe, when they feel overlooked by God.

Healing Heart Wounds

Most of us have experienced cruelty, personal trauma, loss and other painful experiences that have touched the core of our being and left our hearts wounded. Where do we go from there?

Lighting the Fire in Our Hearts: The Three Phases of the...

The spiritual life can be confusing. Fortunately, we stand on the shoulders of giants! The Three Phases of the Spiritual Life is a proven roadmap for spiritual progress.

The love of our mothers runs deep. Take some time to appreciate the ways your own mother's love has given you a deeper experience of life!


Jesus wants to be enough for you in your loneliness. Let Him.

Join us tomorrow as our Listener of the Week! DM us 3 of the funniest things you've ever witnessed and your Skype name, and we might give you a call around 11:30am tomorrow! #RELEVANTlotw

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Life is Beautiful: A New Mother’s View on Love

Motherhood transforms the way I think about love and how I experience it

“There is Nothing Wrong with You”

Often, we can be blind to our own flaws in the dating sphere. It is easier to blame everything on something "out there" rather than taking a hard, honest look at ourselves.

Wanted: Drama-Free Relationship

Are drama-free relationships possible in today's emotionally-charged culture? Sarah Swafford, Founder of Emotional Virtue Ministry, says yes.

Está chegando! E será em Brasília! Simpósio de Teologia do Corpo com Christopher @cwestTOB @promotoresdavid

Growing up evangelical, I was taught the body is merely a tent for the soul. Then I encountered something called Theology of the Body, which radically transformed my view of the body, human sexuality -- and in turn, birth control. @TOBInstitute @cwestTOB

Why Evangelicals Should Rethink Embrace of Contraception, Part Three | Julie Roys

This is the third in a series on evangelicals and contraception. Read parts one and two. “My parents had five kids and I was always embarrassed ...


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Updated!>> #Glutenfree Greek Yogurt Pizza Mac 'N Cheese! https://t.co/QLNgCE0MKW #healthyrecipe #healthyfood #healthyeating

New!>> #Keto Cinnamon Roll Protein Pancakes! https://t.co/mVlFdFTfuO #grainfree #glutenfree #lowcarb #heathyfood

New!>> #Keto Cinnamon Roll Protein Pancakes! https://t.co/mVlFdFTfuO #healthyrecipe #recipeoftheday #cleaneating

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