Sunday, April 22, 2018

In honor of Earth Day, take a look inside the top 3 most sustainable companies

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Time for Technology

Time for Technology

Each One Matters; The Jubilee Market and Cafe

The Jubilee Market and Cafe is an organization serving victims of Human Trafficking by providing them with a loving and supportive place to work as well as skills they can use to sustain themselves.

Healing Heart Wounds

Most of us have experienced cruelty, personal trauma, loss and other painful experiences that have touched the core of our being and left our hearts wounded. Where do we go from there?

Recapturing the Hope of your Childhood

How do we recapture that essence and hope of childhood? And is it imperative that we do?

Truth, Goodness, Beauty…and Faith?

Finding God through reason

Discover your Spiritual gifts.
Do something with your Spiritual gifts.
They’re not just for Sunday.
They’re for everyday.

When you have to decide between two competing factors, you should always choose the more loving option. #MarginMatters

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Forget Falling in Love with the “Perfect” Guy

It is one thing to set our expectations high in choosing someone to marry, this is good. However we often confuse this with making our expectations materialistic, this my friend is not good.

Embracing your singleness!

Believing God has a special someone for you.

Yes, It’s More than Sex

A good marriage takes hard work, commitment, and both players have to work as a team in all areas of life to truly appreciate all that married life has to offer.

If God is speaking to us through the natural world, then it’s clear that one of his favorite subjects, especially this time of year, is mating and fertility, coupling and life-givingness. #EarthDay

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ICYMI!>> #Lowcarb Cheesy Loaded Broccoli Cauliflower Casserole! #cleaneating #recipeoftheday #glutenfree

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